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“S.A. McEwen has a knack for understanding the small idiosyncrasies that factor in to how people think. These observations lead to an intricate tale that should not be missed." Author K. Moore

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I write dark, smart and twisty thrillers and romantic suspense novels. They’re for readers who like to delve into the human psyche, and topics that are sometimes uncomfortable. My MCs aren’t perfect, and they’re sometimes hard to like. 

I’m a social worker and mental health clinician, and I like to explore aspects of human relationships that interest me, especially within families. Families leave us with stuff. It’s universal. And often rather

I don’t shy away from subjects such as sex work, the refugee experience, disability, and the painful repercussions of parenting choices. If you’re looking for a light read, these are not your books!

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S.A. McEwen

“…amazing, gritty and emotionally charged.” ★★★★★