Good Girl Bad

A perfect life, or a perfect lie?

Rebecca Giovanni has a beautiful life—a job she loves, a new husband who’s a great deal better than the old one, and two charming daughters from her first marriage.

It’s hard not to be smug about how well she’s done for herself.

She trusts her new husband.

Then she wakes to find him and her sixteen-year-old daughter missing. Their dog is dead, and the front door is wide open.

No matter what the police insinuate, Rebecca cannot believe Leroy and Tabby went anywhere together willingly. She’s doing a stellar job, but blended families always have their difficulties. And they'd never leave the house without their phones and wallets.

But where are they? What happened in the house that night?

Rebecca’s younger daughter is acting strangely, and her ex-husband is hiding secrets of his own—like where he was that night, and the real reason that he left Rebecca.

And Rebecca can’t help thinking about the last time she saw her husband, and heard him say something she’d rather forget…

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"This book will have you saying 'just one more chapter' and making deals with yourself so you can keep reading. Deeply insightful characters, flaws and all. Can’t wait to read another by this skilful author." ★★★★★ Amazon review

The Good Daughter

A violent murder.

A family secret.

And a boyfriend who's not who he says he is...

Sydney, Australia. Lawyer and companion Natalie Coommaraswamy struggles to be the good daughter her parents demand. A second-generation Sri Lankan, she’s never penetrated her family’s resolute silence surrounding their flight from Sri Lanka, and has been left with unanswered questions about where she belongs and who she can trust.

Then her best friend is found murdered. Fuelled
by disinterest from the police, Natalie begins her own hunt for the murderer. But when clues point to her new lover, her carefully regulated world starts to unravel. And the truth will threaten more than her sanity…

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please note ruined and the good daughter are steamy and non-steamy versions of the same book.

“This is a story that will stay with me for a long time.” ★★★★ Amazon review

Sister in Trouble

Adele French lost her sister, Celia, fifteen years ago, and she’s never stopped looking for answers or
someone to blame.

Now, human remains have been found near the home Celia once shared with her husband, Albert.

Adele thinks she can finally put her sister to rest. Not to mention the ugly lies that Albert fabricated about Celia after she disappeared. She’s determined to uncover the truth about that night, and see justice served at last.

But Adele told some lies, too, back then.

And if you dig for secrets in dark places, you can’t always control what comes to light.

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"Sexy and seductive. Dark and chilling. Thought provoking and challenging." ★★★★★ Netgalley Review

The Lost Boy

Things are going wrong for Olivia Shorten.

Her little boy has become withdrawn and anxious.

Her marriage is not the safe place she had believed it to be.

To top it all off, her teenage stepson has just come to live with them…and there’s something unsettling, something not-quite-right about Charlie.

Olivia has her own plan about how to fix things. Unconventional, maybe, but she thinks she’s doing the right thing for her family.

But then her little boy vanishes from their backyard without a trace.

Frantic with fear, and with the police and the media poking around in places she'd rather they didn't, it soon becomes apparent that everyone is hiding something.

Including Olivia.

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“Five freaking glorious stars awesome.” ★★★★★  Goodreads Review

Domestic Thriller Box Set

Three “thought-provoking…deep and powerful” domestic thrillers.

Hailed as “intense, surprising and original”, these psychological stories about families and the things that make us tick will enthral you from start to finish.

Good Girl Bad

The Good Daughter

The Lost Boy

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“Beautifully written, tightly plotted page-turner.” ★★★★★ Amazon review